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Thursday, October 2, 2008

[New Event] The Big Hong Lim Show, 5 Oct 08

Event: The Big Hong Lim Show

Organisers - Clarence Chua, Kiezin Teng & Choo Zheng Xi (Facebook group admins of "Stand Up for Media Freedom on Campus")


Agenda: A group of NTU students and alumni will be protesting against NTU’s recent censorship of a campus newspaper article

They will make a series of speeches mainly to:

1. Raise awareness on this issue for both the public and the university population

2. Talk about the experience of having a neutral news article cut for fear of its subject

3. State their values and stand on press freedom

4. What they have done thus far regarding this issue, and what they hope to see regarding higher levels of freedom of information in the future

5. Highlight how this incident has undermined the very education that the University hopes to provide to students

6. Engage university or school professors if possible


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